Something For The Soul

Because I believe the senses need to be fed and replenished on a regular basis and in healthy ways, one of my hobbies is to take photographs.  I use my iPhone in lieu of my digital camera since it is always with me.  Here and there I find something I think is extraordinary to look at.  My goal is not the perfect photograph. I’ll leave that to the professionals.  My goal is to record what I’ve seen that soothes and/or stirs my spirit.  I’m currently experimenting with an iPhone app – Camera +- (search on your iPhone – it is nearly free and worth the few pennies). 

I hope this photo of one of Laguna’s beaches will soothe your spirit.  It was taken last week when the sun was shining magnificently; today happens to be a rainy day .  It doesn’t matter where we live, what the weather is, or what our circumstances are.  What matters, I think, is how we view our moments.  It was a beautiful series of moments when I was at this beach. Today, in the rain, it is still majestic and sweet.  Take a moment and look around.  “Be” where you are.  Not so easy sometimes, but certainly worth a try.  Everything is a blessing.




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