Lissa Rankin – A Light In Healthcare

Lissa Rankin, MD is a young physician who has become a role model for changing your life and following your passion –  all of those things many of us are afraid of doing.   She is a keynote speaker, the author of “What’s Up Down There?,”  a wife and mother, the creator of Owning Pink, a blog to promote health and wellbeing in women and of interest to me personally is that she is an accomplished artist.  Her other book, Encaustic Art, is an amazing resource and inspiration for those of us who are artists. She is a woman of balance, balance which has been acquired through personal trial.  She is passionate, easy to relate to, and promotes the concept that we can heal ourselves.   She addresses the whole body/mind approach to living a healthy life. The important question she would like us all to ask ourselves – What is the real reason I’m sick? I like what she has to say. I hope you do also.

I encourage you to view the video of her presentation “The Shocking Truth About Your Health”  at TEDx (TED = Technology, Education, Design – riveting talks by remarkable people – and I can testify to that – TEDx =independently organized TED events) in which she discusses what is really important in health.


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