Florida.  The last place I thought I’d be.  The Editor and I have been here since the end of February.  Adjustment time now over, I’ve returned to my morning 3 mile walks, although lately, the walks have been a bit short of the 3 mile goal.  There is something here – foreign to me – called humidity.
It is, however, a lovely place. We are off the beaten path.  All the basic Floridian lifestyle necessities are here.
We have a pool in the backyard    
There is a beautiful path right outside the door, a sweet place to begin the morning walk    
There are numerous varieties of these: (1)      (2)     and (3) 
Yesterday, I saw one of these 
And this morning, I saw one of these    although I was informed there is only one on the Island.  Apparently, I’m not the only one needing to make new friends.
So far, the locals are wonderful.
I believe we arrive in a new destination for many reasons, some of them unknown.  It is easy to be concerned about how life will work out, or what the next challenge will be.  I choose to go everywhere these days with an open mind and an open heart.  I am a tourist – always – because the world is a beautiful place, indeed.

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