Blue, Rust, and Cicadas

The edges of the lake are rusty looking in the late afternoon sun.  You can see the heat hovering around the soft, spongy edges and if you look very closely you see steam rising from the swampy mass as you walk along the perimeter.  I am still mesmerized by the density of the blue sky with its slow-moving cloud formations.  I’ve seen the sky from a multitude of locations throughout the country but the Florida sky is now one of my favorites (my heart will always be in Big Sur ).  My iPhone wants a new battery.  I think it needs wings.


Cicadas know
They shout
The Heat Is Coming!
Listen to the wind
The scent it carries
is not the Truth
It is only the Messenger
Listen in tongues and
slow down
The night whispers
Relinquish control
Relief is compassion and love

 jacqualine-marie baxman ©2012




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