What Do You See?

I haven’t walked around the island lately.  Housebound – somewhat – and resting.  Downtime.  Contemplation.  Playing with the cat.  Reading.  No power walking for now.

I’d been walking 2 miles daily most mornings since I moved to the island.  In Los Angeles, before I arrived here,  I walked 3.2 miles five times per week.  Here, I’ve experienced local residents walking their dogs on leashes as they drive their golf carts, spanish moss clinging to the trees and dripping heavily in the thick, humid air, cranes and turkeys sauntering freely everywhere.  In Los Angeles, there were rows of brightly colored houses fronted by dense gardens and alarm system stickers in the windows.  In my old neighborhood – a quiet street bordering a heavily populated and culturally diverse area – the neighbors were sweet and helpful.  The neighbors to my right had owned their house for 50 years.  The neighbors to my left owned their home for even longer.  There were moments when the music from down the street was invasive, but all-in-all, I’d say I was lucky to have been there.

Occasionally, I wonder how I ended up here, in Florida.  Obviously, I know the details of my choice.  You don’t, and that’s as it should be.  Yet, in the scheme of one’s life, it is interesting to wonder how we end up where we are at any given moment.  What I’ve learned, is not to wonder for very long.  Just toss it all around in your head, take stock of the journey, and then –



Shout when necessary

Get rid of fear

Stand solid on the earth


Practice gratitude

Learn from the people you least expect to learn from

Say what you want to others but never tell yourself a lie

Commit to loving as much as possible, especially when you don’t want to

There is always someone who loves you

Respect everything

Bow to wild things

Put one foot in front of the other

Do it again the next day

Don’t worry – everything’s gonna’ be alright


What you want to see will always reveal itself



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