Barcoding, Cats and Panties

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As promised, here is a likeness of the little piggy valve that is in my heart.  This replaces my own, defective aortic valve.  It is a tiny little thing,  perhaps no bigger around than a half-dollar or so with three leaflets (mine only had two) through which blood pumps.

aortic tissue valve

And, yes, I’ve been barcoded.  Me.  Tagged.  No more illusions about staying under the radar.  I am a card carrier.  Medtronic is the company.  Now, they know my name.  They have my address.

My card arrived in the mail this past Friday.  Barcoding, bracelets,  and wallet cards are typical for anyone with a medical device or serious health issue (allergies, etc.) so I’m not surprised.  I left the hospital with a temporary card, yet seeing the permanent card conjured up strange feelings.  “They” know everything about me.  “They” can track me.  “They” know……my creative mind went on a field trip for a few minutes, but I put the card in my wallet and my sense of freedom is back where it should be.

I’ve been home for eleven days, wearing my funny socks (uh….they don’t look as good on me as on the model), taking my medicine, using my AirLife Volumetric Incentive Spirometer, and doing what I’ve been told. I’m a good patient.  But I can’t get the cat off my lap.  She won’t budge.  In the ten plus years that I’ve had her, she has never been on my lap.  Suddenly, she won’t leave.  It’s an interesting little turn of events.

Lap 1

Lap 7

Lap 4

I’ve been home from the hospital for eleven days.  Here are eleven things I have not been able to do well, at all, or on my own:

1.  Pull up my panties easily 🙂

2.  Pick up anything I’ve dropped on the floor

3.  Sleep in a bed (I am sleeping in a recliner)

4.  Wash dishes – any type of cleaning

5.  Lift anything weighing more than five pounds

6.  Drive

7.  Walk alone

8.  Feed the cat

9.  Bend forward or backward

10.  Do my hair (I have very long hair)

11.   Stretch

Here are eleven things I’ve come to appreciate more than ever:

1.  The power of friendship

2.  Taking a shower

3.  Technology – specifically, the Internet

4.  Being and not necessarily Doing

5.  Ibuprofen

6.  Receiving mail (I’d nearly forgotten how wonderful it is to receive a card, something handwritten, and will now do more send more handwritten things))

7.  Organic canned soup

8.  Netflix

9.  The unconditional love of a pet

10.  Socks

11.  My body, with all its flaws

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen”….Rumi

More to come…..



2 thoughts on “Barcoding, Cats and Panties

  1. Another great post about putting things in balance.Thank you…
    Well, yes , you are tagged. But you already were : your number one in the list of appreciations mentions “friendship”. What gave me the idea to suggest to you : find a tattoo artist when you are fit again, and ask him to tag you with a tattoo associating the number 1 with “friendship”.
    Do well, and keep me posted..:-). .


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