So, What now?

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Here we are nearly in June of 2013, and there is all this possibility.

Endings and beginnings, all in the same week.  It’s been a busy but productive time.

I’ve completed my 12 weeks of cardiac rehab.  Wonderful program and wonderful staff.  So, what now?

Other than cardiac rehab, tweaking my eating plan along with general reflection and healing, I’ve been playing around with metal again.  I’m also writing.  JEWELRY!  Finally…….It’s so nice to be back in the game of making art.

My Etsy shop has re-opened with  a few pieces for now but others will be listed in the next few weeks.  Please go to my jewelry page for teasers of what is coming….

In the meantime,  Stone Island continues to be a truly wonderful place to recuperate.  Enjoy the photos.


“There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end to it.”   Henry Moore


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