Walking In The Garden

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If you read my blog, you know I’ve been living in Central Florida, but also that this was never to be a permanent place for me.  I was given a gift of a type of sabbatical, a gift for which I am utterly and profoundly grateful.  The gift givers know this but I will say it again – I am utterly and profoundly grateful.   Sabbaticals usually last up to one year.  By my calculations, it’s time to begin planning my return to California.

You also know that this year has involved my recovery from open heart surgery – a surprise and shock both to me and the gift givers.  This has come with numerous adjustments to lifestyle and the necessity to re-think “it all“.  (not so serious, so follow the link….) So,  I will be returning to California somewhere around the end of this year, give or take a month or two on either side of the 2013/2014 bridge.  “Give or take”.  I find this an interesting phrase.  Let’s face it, we never know what’s coming up.  We only know what’s behind us – and then, we only know our version of that and it might not even be true – and then we think we know where we are at any given moment.  It’s all fairly up in the air, isn’t it….

The only point to all of this:  Years ago, as I was traveling around the country having a fine time and living in wonderful places (New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles….I even lived in Bend, OR for a while for goodness sake), I joked and said there were two places I’d never go – ever – no matter what.  Ever.  One was Minnesota (no reason other than it seemed dreary and dank) and the other was Florida.  People raised in New York (like me), tended to retire here and everyone just aged, turning into orange leathery things and wearing socks with shorts.  Yes, I said socks with shorts. People do that. Ugh.  But here, in this crazy, humid, Republican, gun oriented, lack-of-any-real-good-organic-food-ingredients, redneck  mecca, I have found some truly incredible friends, continue to develop my iconography skills :), have once again fallen totally in love with trees, and will continue to take notes and one day write something about why never saying never is really a good idea.  I am truly blessed.


That said – I have two new copper bracelets on my Etsy store.  You can find a photo of each here, on the Jewelry page of this blog, and you can go to my etsy shop by clicking this ETSY link.


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