Choosing Your Perspective

Choosing Your Perspective

  wheel copyright


This is one of the three iron wheels in front of the house.  Remember, I now live on a country road in Central California where a majority of the produce for the U.S. is grown.

On the other side of the wheel, you’ll see the neighbor’s cornfield.  Considering perspective, the corn looks insignificant, a minor part of the landscape, somewhat small and ordinary like a lawn.

You see the brilliant blue sky and the billowy clouds.  It was a flawless day when I took this photo. And, there are days when the scenery is so magnificent, when the air is so pure and the clouds are reminiscent of the ones in the artwork of childhood fairy tales, that I am taken to staring and reminding myself of who I am and where I grew up.  I am an East Coast city girl, and always will be regardless of where I live or the hundreds of hills I’ve climbed.  I am truly bi-coastal, always seeing both sides of the issue and striving for non-judgment.  Striving… ongoing quest.

The wheel has twelve segments, like a calendar, a pie chart, a grid for planting, any number of symbolic meanings you care to attach to it.    This is up to you. You might choose to simply see a wheel and a field and an ordinary sky.  And so, the point…


 corn one

The corn, when you stand next to it, as you see in the above photo…was probably 15 feet high when I snapped both this photo and the one above it with the wheel.  In this photo, the sky, losing the battle for center stage, drifted away as I neared the stalks along the dry, dusty border of the road.  So, what separates the wheel on our side of the roadway and the neighbor’s commercial field of 15 feet high corn is just a path of dust, miles and miles of tire tracks (who knows the stories impacted in the rubber treads of those wheels that shake themselves onto the road and become fertilizer for someone’s dream), and destinations.  Every single person who passes this view, this ordinary country field so common in Central California, will see something else.  Their perspective, always changing with information and natural prejudice, is what will determine their true destination.

What you see, is not always what is there.  What you think about what you see is completely up to you.  If your belief system prohibits independent thinking, you will miss the stories that could potentially change your life for the better.  Change your life for the better and you change the lives of the people around you.  You determine the view wherever you are.  You make your own landscape, regardless of the dust on the road and the spaces in between.  That is where life is – the dust on the road and the spaces in between.  Using perspective to keep your spirit open to possibility gives hope to the future and creates opportunity for everyone.  Just seeing one view is akin to death.  And, my feeling is that none of us really ever dies.

Give Hope To Future Souls

I am an Oak in a field of Elm

Crusty barked, tattered

Cutters in the distance hum

Their waves of whirring, scatter

Atmospheric realm afire

It is a tick-toc day

Fueled by the marchers’ beliefs

They bring earthquake sharp decay

Lizards, beetles, spiders crawl

I see the Robins, Larks take flight

Soon, the tick-toc day

Could become the vacant night

Yet when I breathe…

The world around me is new

I choose to hear songs of Hope

I choose to hear songs of You

When it is time, you will see a beacon

It is the signal I will send

When the cutters light my torch

Love and Hope is all I will intend

I’ll leave my body in the soil

My ashes and my dust

The truths that I have learned in Life

You must repeat them, please – You Must

I am an Oak in a field of Elm

I will always be alive

I am a million bits of star dust

You will see – Look at the sky…






5 thoughts on “Choosing Your Perspective

  1. belletamaam

    damn, Woman. I am in awe. Have I mentioned that I truly love your writing? Just in case: I truly love your writing!…
    “What you see, is not always what is there.”
    If I could only remember that and how to react to it (what I do with what I see), my life would be easier. hugs


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