Art Every Day Month

Wow. It’s been over a month since my last post. (Something about that sentence reminds me of my Catholic roots and will, undoubtedly, be a future blog post.)  I’ve had so many things to say, a few fairly good ideas, and yet I’ve been concentrating on making things and continuing my commitment to organizing all the tiny components I’m faced with after a long distance move.  Most people would have had their belongings in place by now. I’m not most people.  Right now.  I. Want. To. Take. Time.  There are more pieces on their way and I want to prepare the right place for each piece.  That’s the excuse, anyway.

The real reasons I haven’t been posting are mostly that I’m enjoying every day of waking up and feeling connected to where I am without having interruptions or experiencing someone else’s major dramatic event. I have no complaints, you know, but the past few years have brought crap that an “artistic type” just doesn’t need.  You get that, right?  I am laughing because saying that reminds me of a very long ago ex-love and his penchant for calling me an “artistic type” whenever he was angry – “Shit! This is what I get for being with an artistic type!”……”I am sick of artistic types”…”I guess only artistic types care about those things” (that last one referenced lies and infidelity but “no one is perfect” he said.  You see, now, why I’ve italicised the word ex.)

I’m finding great joy in the simple act of chopping wood and carrying water, of figuring out each day what I’m going to do, of putting the blue box here instead of there just because I can and want to, of reacquainting myself with every single jump ring and head pin (jeweler’s know) and putting them in their rightful place, of watching my cat sleep, of photographing the sky, of – and this is the biggie – touching my mother’s ballet shoes which I’d had in storage for 2 years – remembering the way she loved us all.  Her dreams are captured in the pink leather and hard toes of those shoes.  Her life was lived in us.  If I could perform magic, it would be for her. All I can do is honor her with my independence and “artistic nature” no matter how much it irritates another person – perhaps even because it irritates another person.

Enough digression….

Via my brilliant and ever-inspiring friend, Tammy Vitale, I am introduced to Art Every Day Month which was thought up by Leah – another incredible artist/blogger – who you will find HERE.  An incredible idea….this is what I’m thinking.  (Here I am slacking on blog posts and yet I’m gonna’ do this….)  Well, this is exactly what I needed.  So……..I’m going to commit to posting something every single day.  It might be one of the photographs I love taking with my iPhone.  It might be a photo of work in progress.  It might be some writing on a background. I don’t know yet.  What I do know is that I needed a nudge or maybe even a smack in the head to blog again.  I have a habit of holing up and isolating when I am working.  I want to change this.  Tammy has provided me with one more feather in the wings of change via AEDM.  I am grateful so here goes – below…..for today.

A few tube rings I’m making

tube rings

A necklace I recently made that seems to be living happily with the new owner

(although, if you know me on Facebook, you’ve seen this)

cheryl 3

But…………’s the art, at least the art in my eyes……what really moves me every day to get up and do “whatever” again and again.  This is what is in front of me, now, where I currently live.  Wherever I am, there is something to shoot with my trusty iPhone…..It is all there…..waiting to be seen, felt, appreciated – just like the rest of us.

Field one

neighbord filed

You might have seen this one via my Facebook page today. What a magical day it was to be at Shaver Lake and see this incredible view.

Shaver ten

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”  – Rumi

until tomorrow….



2 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month

  1. belletamaam

    happy sigh. This is wonderful. I am so happy to see you here and looking forward to something every day….maybe even a continuation of that story? we left our heroine in the middle of deciding or wanting or about to set off and I want to know what happened. LOVE the rings! Love love love LOVE the rings! One day you should do a tutorial here on them. I don’t know how to make them and I really really need to so I don’t go spend money on something else unnecessarily (which goes under the headline: Oh I can make THAT (which costs, say $100, and $1000 worth of equipment later I can indeed make that, once or twice until on to the next thing). And you made me snort with that Catholic thing – shared reference. 😉


    1. Our heroine’s next move should be posted in the next few days. You’ll get the link. 🙂 (I have to cross-post it here I guess)

      Ah, the rings – I’m having so much fun! A tutorial is a good idea. I think that is very doable. I’m working on a simple beaded version also.

      Yeah, that Catholic comment…..I could hear the entire declaration of sin and smell the confessional when I first wrote it.

      We’ll see what the coming weeks bring….it is such an adventure!


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