AEDM – Day 6 – Images

For Art Every Day Month – Day 6 offering.

I keep a few jars of natural memorabilia from various adventures such as the feathers and stone I posted in recent blog posts.  Also, there are a few pieces of memorabilia I keep close, in view, as daily reminders of the wonderful man I was married to for several years until his passing in 2005.  He was my childhood crush with whom I rendezvoused with later in life.  He was a park ranger in New Jersey, employed at one of the beaches.  Because I love shells, feathers, rocks, etc. he spent some of his lunch and dinner breaks walking along the beach in search of unique shells, pieces of driftwood, anything he felt I’d truly love to see. His finds were always as remarkable as he was.

Below are two of my favorite of his finds. I touch them every day.  They hold the essence of who he was.  Enjoy.


 black shell duo copyright


Please visit Leah Piken Kolidas @ Creative Every Day  to see what’s up with Art Every Day Month.  You can find Leah’s fabulous entries (she is the originator) along with a wonderfully diverse list of other bloggers participating.  Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy…….every day is a new piece of art, or a step in the process…


“The heart has its own language.
The heart knows a hundred thousand
ways to speak.”
.” – Rumi


until tomorrow…..




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