AEDM – Day 10 – Teasers and Diversions

Art Every Day Month – Day 10 – Teaser……..and abstract diversion.

A photo of a necklace I’m making for someone.  Sterling and Fine Silver, wire wrap, hematite, handmade chain.  I’ll post the finished piece once I’ve delivered it to the customer. I don’t want to spoil the surprise unveiling so it appears golden here.


marissa teaser


In the meantime, I like to have diversions, unrelated projects.  I’m very good at them – the diversions, not necessarily the projects. I’ve just begun using Photoshop – novice, novice, novice that I am – and this is my first project.  Hopefully, I’ll have something finished by end of week.  I still have bracelets to work on…..and then, of course, I need to decide what’s going on with the female character in a story I’m writing for my other blog which has been neglected…..My brain likes crawling right up to the deadline, apparently.


 abstract current copyright


Please visit Leah Piken Kolidas @ Creative Every Day  to see what’s up with Art Every Day Month.  You can find Leah’s fabulous entries (she is the originator) along with a wonderfully diverse list of other bloggers participating.  Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy…….every day is a new piece of art, or a step in the process…


“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.”


 until tomorrow…..




2 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 10 – Teasers and Diversions

  1. I spent 40 years with deadlines in law firms, etc. I consciously and abruptly walked away – I detest deadlines. However, I often need them to push me in art because somewhere inside there is this little person who thinks the work is not worthy. When it comes to learning a technique or that sinking feeling of uncertainty, I have found a deadline of sorts gets me out of my head (basically, out of my own way) and into my creative self where I need and want to be. It is difficult to un-train oneself of years of false alignment, even now, but I continue to do so every single day.

    Diversions creep up for me when I’m trying to avoid something. When I finally let go and just dive into something fully, everything falls away and I’m “home”. The process is a magical thing when we make friends with it.


  2. belletamaam

    right up to the deadline….what happens when there isn’t really a deadline (and in: I”m creating these because I want to), more stuff gets started and more stuff is everywhere beckoning. But is sure is *abundant* around my world! Can’t wait to see the whole necklace – especially your links of which I am in awe!


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