AEDM – Day 13 – What’s In A Number?

Art Every Day Month – Day 13 – What’s In A Number?

The 13th day of #AEDM2014.  Yesterday was lamp shopping day.  Today was movie day.  Interstellar. Makes me think about priorities.  Do I save myself or save the world?  Are they the same thing?

I have a small art studio  –  a second bedroom – and little by little I’m re-establishing my art, my work, my soul. I’ve been in transition for a few years.

The studio is where my ideas are realized. Jewelry supplies.  Paints and brushes. Rocks and wood.  String. Satin strips.  Cords and chains.  Beads.  Hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces.  Ephemera.  Wild things.  Tame things. Shiny things. Clandestine partners in drawers and boxes.  A closet filled with packing material and old drawings. A timeline written in journals.  My art life – so far.

I’ve set up a corner in my bedroom because I also need a place to read.  A soft, glowing light to sit next to.  Feminine things.  Lofty things, different from the art studio inhabitants.  Hardcore reminders of where I have been, what I’ve been doing because sometimes I forget.  I was married a second time.  And then I wasn’t.  I keep his ashes in a secret place.  One day, they will be fully released.  That reads sad but it wasn’t. We had passion, trust and laughter more than illness.  Those are magical gifts. It was more than enough.  It was proof of saying “Yes”.

In my new place to read, I have other things.  One of my mother’s tea cups and saucers that holds my favorite crystal beads.  A cake plate she cherished.  A perfect pearly shell from a friend.  My brother’s river stones.  More.  All of it on an antique, double pedestal, mahogany, oval desk.  My laptop.  My cat in the room.  The iPhone for connecting with friends.  I’m blessed.

I love watching this corner “become”.  It is quiet.  I a place of solitude in the midst of so much change. I love music but I don’t want to actually listen to it here which is why I have a large jar filled with shredded music paper that I bought at a recent flea market. There is a metal number 1 on the jar.  My number.  The number of beginnings.  The first step.  The first idea.  The first word of a novel or poem.  The first stroke on the canvas.   The first realization of who we are as individuals, as souls, as creators.

Interstellar poses the issue of looking for a new home, not for selfish reasons, but for the people you love, for the human race, for a future that is filled with hope.  It is the love that drives them.  The science in the film is remarkable but the connection and the number one act that makes the difference in the ending of the film is love.  Deep and profound love that keeps us pointed north, that connects us on our journeys.

Life seems to be an adventure, an exploration, a series of changes and challenges, of adaptations.   Maybe its a binary code on a timeline.  Maybe we are all living at the same time.  I have no real idea, I’m not a scientist.  But I know love. I know that the only way to start a journey is to say “Yes”, with a number, a choice, a first step and then another, and another.  One, two, three, four……and then we are home, that magical place we create and invite others into.  That web that connects us all.

number 1


Please visit Leah Piken Kolidas @ Creative Every Day  to see what’s up with Art Every Day Month.  You can find Leah’s fabulous entries (she is the originator) along with a wonderfully diverse list of other bloggers participating.  Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy…….every day is a new piece of art, or a step in the process…


“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”



 until tomorrow…..



2 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 13 – What’s In A Number?

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  2. belletamaam

    I’m copying this whole thing into my journal so I can re read it whenever I want to. You take my breath away! (and I love that picture even more now that I’ve read it’s story!)


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