AEDM – Day 15 – Jewelry

Art Every Day Month – Day 15 – Finally, jewelry.  Posting early so I can move onto the next project.  This is the piece I have been working on – sterling silver, fine silver (the top bar and the leaves, molded by hand and fired in a kiln/with a torch), hematite. The center disk has an initial stamped on it but I have covered that for the photo. One-of-a-kind. Done.


marissa new six-001

marissa new four-001

marissa new two-001

Please visit Leah Piken Kolidas @ Creative Every Day  to see what’s up with Art Every Day Month.  You can find Leah’s fabulous entries (she is the originator) along with a wonderfully diverse list of other bloggers participating.  Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy…….every day is a new piece of art, or a step in the process…


““When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”



 until tomorrow…..



4 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 15 – Jewelry

  1. belletamaam

    ok. now I’m jealous that you already have day 15 done AND I want to come sit at your knee and learn. We’ll trade: your bathroom floor for teaching me this…


    1. Thank you. But you could do this in no time at all. My issue has been collecting all my tools in one location so I could do the work. Other than that, it’s fairly easy. Basic techniques. Maybe some trickery.

      I think what you did with your floor – and your incredible talent with clay – is a bit more complicated. But can you imagine us working on the same projects? Awesome.

      (I posted early because I have commitments today)


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