AEDM – Day 23 – Forty Two

Art Every Day Month – Day 23 – Forty Two

That’s the number of years ago I did this drawing.  I was deep into exploring my abilities with figurative art.  I am a lover of abstraction but wanted to try my hand at figures, flowing lines because I’m also in love with black and white, with light and shadow.  Raised near so many museums and art houses in and around New York City, I couldn’t help but absorb something of the art of the time.  But I struggled until later in life when I had more experience and less fear.

Here is the original drawing which became a simple line painting for someone who paid me for it, my first sale in art.  I was young and delighted that anyone even noticed my work since it was ordinary and basic.



I will probably redraw this in black ink, adding a few embellishments – I do so love black and white.

However, after a discussion today on Facebook about color, I realized that the color side of me needed another showing.  Here it is.  I’ll call it “Goddesses” since the discussion of late has been about women coming into their own power without apology or fear.  There is no fear here on this blog or any of the content and there never will be. Ever. You might not like what you see but you will know it is authentic.

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“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.



 until tomorrow…..



7 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 23 – Forty Two

    1. I wish. No. Picmonkey. Because Photoshop and I are having a bit of a lover’s quarrel which should blow over after Thanksgiving. But, thank you…….:)

      I guess Picmonkey is similar to some Photoshop basics. I upload the photo/drawing, clarify and all that, then start adding my own background images as layers. Add some of their graphics. The reason it works is that I use the make up tools (remember it is for photos for people) as drawing instruments. I use the Eye color tool for some colors, then fade them or not, see what shapes come up, go to another tool……and so on. There is the magic Eye Whiten tool. Picmonkey is free and wonderful once you get the hang of it. It does not do the advanced work of Photoshop but what the heck. It works for many things.

      That sun image is a graphic of theirs. It comes up small and black. You can change the color and size. You can also change how the color you select looks against the other colors, whether it is solid, or changes each time it crosses another color, and so on. It just takes a lot of playing around.


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