AEDM – Day 24 – One Week of Gratitude

Art Every Day Month – Day 24 – One Week of Gratitude

Thanksgiving week.  AEDM is nearing the end.  Seems like a good week to post gratitude and since we’re dealing with creativity, I’ll post gratitude all week regarding my own often questionable creativity.  And, since some of us are digging through old things….

1981 – Alexandria, Virginia

The Little Theater of Alexandria

(The oldest award-winning community theater in the Washington, DC area)

A Playbill for Butterflies are Free

My original artwork/design – my very first public/published “anything visual” (I’m not even going to clean it up for you so you will see how old the thing really is)

I’m thinking it wasn’t so shabby in 1981 – we did a poster, cards.  I learned lights, stage directions.  I had so much fun. Art is more sophisticated now, technology, skills…..but then, in 1981 I was 33 years old, had just come out of a law suit (all I can say is that I won) and needed a few hugs…..and then this…

butterflies are free shadow

I am grateful for the opportunity to be have been a part of such a prestigious and wonderful organization.  It is such a simple design, however, they were having difficulty finding artwork that was different, fresh and impactful.  I found them through a mutual source.  Wonderful experience (I did several shows with them afterward).  Wonderful people – mostly I remember the Board of Directors thanking me for being unafraid to present something different to them.  They stood up and clapped.  It was such a great memory.  And thank you to Mario……



Everyone can see how they have polished the mirror
of the self, which is done with the longings
we’re given.

Not everyone wants to be king!
There are different roles and many choices
within each.

Troubles come. One person packs up
and leaves. Another stays and deepens in a love
for being human.

In battle, one runs fearing
for his life. Another, just as scared, turns
and fights more fiercely.

{translated by Coleman Barks}



 until tomorrow…..



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