AEDM – Day 25 – Gratitude for Beauty

Art Every Day Month – Day 25 – Gratitude for Beauty

Continuing with the AEDM theme and my own of gratitude during this particular week as I dig through old random art of mine, I am reminded of how many new things I’ve tried (artistically) over the years.  Some have been serious endeavors. Many have been just for fun. I’m not always sure, however, which is which when I begin a project.  Things can get complicated, meander, lose you in the process. It is only after I’ve reached a certain point in their creation that I have even a slight clue and then I decide – is this something to follow?  I throw little art away because every idea that is born has a right to live and “become”.  But really, you never know until a certain point what’s going on. I digress….

I suppose what I’m grateful for today is being able to recognize simple beauty, not that I don’t love contrived plots and shiny objects, but there is a particular beauty in simple things, the things of every day, of human life.  Here are three that I love.  Most of you will be familiar with the first.

making bed

Le Chat…..13…..”my girl”….the sweetest of tiny souls

I am grateful to the powers-that-be that she has been in my life and graced me with her love.  We have traveled far and wide together. She was my husband’s best friend.  She loves whipped cream.

big rose one shadow

A huge piece of flower art of mine from circa 1990

Water color on card stock photographed on black (larger than a fat cat, my cat is petite)

I am grateful I paint/create/write to my own liking and follow my obsessions regardless of seriousness, fun or criticism – and, as all artists know, that isn’t always easy to do.  I no longer live in the box of conformity.  It has been a long and hard battle, but I seem to be on the winning side of that issue.

Love is the center


Original photo by me, digitally enhanced. 

How have I lived my life without eating them every day. I love them nearly as much as avocados.

I have rediscovered this wonderful fruit (I’ve been eating avocados regularly for decades).  Have you made Pomegranate Coconut Milk Ice Cream? Enough reason to buy an ice cream maker.

There is so much more to be grateful for but today, this is more than enough.


“Beauty awakens the soul to act.”

Dante Alighieri


Rumi returns soon


 until tomorrow…..



4 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 25 – Gratitude for Beauty

  1. I can only imagine what you are going through. I feel it from my perspective which is difficult enough. Yours, I’m sure, is deeper and more directly personal. All we can do is find beauty in small things when we feel this way – teach the grandchildren the same in addition to teaching them to be alert – tiny moments, “little saviors” I’ve always called them, blips on the radar to remind us we are still on the road, traveling somewhere of our choosing.

    I have something to write for the blog, non-visual art, words…..pertaining to all that we have discussed. Tomorrow (and appropriate day) or Friday, Saturday the latest. Perhaps I’ll make it my statement for the end of AEDM. You will see. Half of it is already in my head, waiting for a door to open and it will. It is just a matter of which moment, and then……poof…transformation and direction. We will wait until the time is right….it will come.


  2. tammyvitale

    Love. THIS. Your beautiful soul shines through loud and clear. thanks for that. much needed. you will understand when I say that I think the emphatic side of me was blindsided by the energy of feelings from everywhere yesterday – I do notexpect that when I am in my home. It was that big, that surge of feelings, that it caught me here and unawares. I think I have a handle on it this morning. And I believe this: it came through during this time of wylde energy that I can’t define. So it is part of all of this and I do not yet know how. But my job is waiting to be shown. thanks for being there!

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 03:59:38 +0000 To:


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