AEDM – Day 29 – Goddesses

Art Every Day Month – Day 29 – Goddesses

Today and tomorrow – the last two days of the Art Every Day Month challenge.  My first participation and I say right now that I will do this again next year.  It has been life altering.  I am grateful to have this opportunity laid at my feet.  The ways in which this supports my creative soul are two numerous to mention here but I do think my work has improved because of it, as has my desire to do the work. And connecting with other creative bloggers – isn’t that the best gift of all?


Today, I’m posting a portion of my work in response to conversations with friends, creatives who stretch toward the heavens with their wisdom and share their knowledge with those who seek simply by existing in their own truth.  This is a three-part poem about Goddesses.  Today I am posting Water. Tomorrow, for the closing of AEDM, I am posting the remaining two parts.


Goddesses – Water

We are water dwellers

Swirling in droplets of liquid glass

River Lake Ocean Stream surveyors

Moon lovers

Languid at noon while

The sun boils and ships collide while

Whales sing of conquests

We are tsunamis of fearless action

Conscious creators of Harmony’s Song

With Coral Shell and Algae crowns

Midwives of clarity embedded

In the Depths of blue lagoons

We are weightless creatures

Salacia and Amphitrite descendants

Anointing wreckage and dead souls with

Sparkles of peace even after

The Light has gone knowing

Wisdom lives in the reefs where

Etchings of Love still call

Sanctuary curators

We are the reason water flows

© Jacqualine-marie baxman 2014

water copyright-001

Collage of my original photograph, mosaic tiled then restructured and enhanced via PicMonkey software



“I am not this hair, I am not this skin

I am the soul that lives within.”



 until tomorrow…..



3 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 29 – Goddesses

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  2. belletamaam

    love this! of course. How many times can I say that. But I can’t think of anything else. Love this! Made me think of one of my poems. Maybe I’ll put that in on my aedm with my masks today. and yes – aedm is such a wonderful stretch. that’s why I do it year after year after year (8 in all so far) – it takes me places I wouldn’t go otherwise!


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