AEDM – Day 30 – Goddesses II

Art Every Day Month – Day 30 – Goddesses II

Today is the last day of the Art Every Day Month challenge.  What can I say?  I have had the most amazing time.  I’m making the commitment to participate next year also.

I am posting Goddesses – Trees today – a brief poem and an altered photo – as a continuation of yesterday’s Goddesses which was Water.  Actually, tomorrow I will post Goddesses – Sky which will be the last of this little trilogy of mine, and so the challenge extends one more day.  Sky is better tomorrow.  Today would be rushing it and there’s no point in that.

Here we go…

Goddesses – Trees

We are forest Diosas

Born sentries in another time

Thousands of years in conversation

She-Wolves at our trunks

Sun bleached red bark shelter

For black sows Doe and Oveja 

Inhaling blue oak and bird songs

Of cloud-like ethereal rhymes

Courtesans of No One

We are Queens of Salvation and sweet pine

Grasses on the Great Mother’s Plains

True North True North True North

 © Jacqualine-marie baxman 2014


tree poem final shadow

This is two original photos of mine, layered and altered in color, texture and size vie PicMonkey



“He who knows the tree is the knower of the Vedas.”

– The Bhagavad-Gita.


 until tomorrow…..



3 thoughts on “AEDM – Day 30 – Goddesses II

  1. This conjures up amazing images for me. Yes, Tammy, redwoods, but also birth and oak and all the sacred trees. I seem to never have any other words but I love this as well! Beautiful! I can’t wait to read sky, and then all three together!!


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