Fog Farm

So that you have an idea of how it really is here most days this time of year, here are a few of my fog photos.  I love the fog, actually.  Life echos.  You can hear it even when you don’t really listen because the beat of everything around you digs itself into your arches and pulses its way up your spine until you pay attention.  You can see and hear anything you want due to the lack of clarity and visibility.  It almost doesn’t matter what is really there.


This is the photo I posted yesterday with Morte Incenso


fog farm w copyright-001

Here are photos I took at different times on the same day.  If you look for a while, you can imagine what might go on when you aren’t there.  Stories exist everywhere.  Life creates stories and stories re-create life.  Words are never really necessary.

fog two cows (1)


fog tree w copyright

fog shed-001



“Open your eyes, for this world is only a dream”



4 thoughts on “Fog Farm

  1. I love taking iPhone photos. This is all in my neighborhood which, as you know, is inhabited by lots of cows.

    The fog is intriguing. So many things hiding in it……the mind just wants to take a very long play break.


  2. belletamaam

    ooo this makes me think of digging up some photos and making a photo post. That one all fog except the cows on the right – they are really stark against the fog! These are lovely! Especially the trees that are all purple. Like an impressionist painting. Just gorgeous! I want to walk right into the photo.


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