Hallelujah & Art Every Day

Geezus….that was a long hiatus…again.  No point in blogging if I have nothing to say or show.  At least it should be interesting, right?  (There was a lot to say but not for the blog).  Bullet points on “stuff”.

  • I moved. Again. Stop laughing
  • Submerged myself in dialogue with some friends who needed help
  • Other friends helped me. Bless every one of them.
  • Started writing a book I’d begun two other times
  • Ripped everything up
  • Learned to make bezels – I’m not good at everything, you know
  • Learned to – well, there were so many other things
  • Experienced a friend giving up on me
  • Defriended two nutsy people on Facebook, both of whom I knew personally
  • Gained ten pounds
  • Began losing ten pounds
  • Dealt with family issues
  • Turned 70
  • Gag
  • Decided it was OK to be 70. Better than dead, as far as I know.
  • Went almost gluten free. Almost because, well, some cupcakes…you know
  • Dealt with two weeks of depression after realizing I’ll never actually meet Idris Elba
  • Suffered the shock of a limping computer
  • Met a great techie
  • Took an online writing class
  • Quit
  • Ripped up the notes
  • Taking an online writing class currently, as we speak
  • Not ripping up notes. Loving the hell out of this one
  • Mourned the loss of a very dear friend
  • Thinking about finally writing that book
  • Ran through a list of artist accomplishments and surprised myself
  • Committed to daily meditation
  • Cut my hair. Darkened it. Decided to do the opposite of others who age
  • Revisited drawing. Enjoyed the visit tremendously.  Not so sure how drawing felt about it.
  • Participating in Art Every Day Month which is November.  I haven’t really been a slacker.  I’ve just been in my “soaking up and developing” mode.  That’s what slackers call it.

Growth isn’t linear.  Nor does it have to be serious all the time although I’ve learned that applying oneself to learning probably should involve dedication. Sometimes we are out there, dancing around like fools.  Sometimes we do better holing up in some strange place, talking to crazy people, writing things down.  We’re artists.  We do what we do because that’s who we are.  Let someone else be the soldiers and politicians. Someone has to tell the truth.  Let that be us. What matters is that we grow toward whatever light guides us. I’ve seen my light.  I know which direction to walk. I’m walking. Eyes on the prize, as they say.



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