AEDM – 2016 – Day 6

Back to Making…


…jewelry “stuff”. This has been sitting, abandoned on my bench, waiting for some love.  Writing, writing and…..more writing has been going on. Art Every Day Month is about creating – anything – doing your art – being productive, so here it is, my art project that is currently happening.

Polymer clay pendant sitting on the brass and copper that will be its new home.  A few of my copper leaves and gorgeous red crystals and I’ll post the photo of the finished piece – whenever it’s finished. Projects galore here so who knows….

You probably know by now I walk the streets (in a good way) looking at nature, taking photo upon photo and always finding inspiration.  So here is what inspired me for this piece.  Wish me luck.  Someone I care about will be getting this.  Maybe that will be me….



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