AEDM – 2016 – Day 10

Thank you Leonard Cohen.


We lost a great voice in the world today.  Been a trying week so far with another voice coming in, the peanut gallery screaming for the most part.  Like many of us, I’m a bit weary.  I want to bury my head beneath a pillow and wake up so much later. But I’m not going to do that.  I’m an artist/writer. I’m a creator, and so are you. We are the souls, the fragments, the silk in the spider web. What we should be spinning is a way to capture love. Tons of it.  Writing it.  Drawing it.  Painting it.  Cutting away at the metal and wood until it is all we see.  Burning the hell out of it with a torch, in a kiln, slumping it over our bended knees until what comes through is the best part of us, the gods and goddesses born to breathe the same air as Jesus, Buddha…..Mandela.  They were free in their prisons. When are we going to be that? When we realize we are the Kings, the Queens, the forest filled with trees, the wings on every butterfly and the electricity in the core of the earth…..this is who Cohen was.

My quiet day ends early.  Art tomorrow, the last assignment in my very fat writing course, still microwave comparison shopping…..

Be free in your heart no matter who the figure heads are.  Don’t be the problem.  Make art, books, music, love, babies, legacies… Cohen and all the greats because that’s who you are, one of the greats.  Never forget that.

In case you’re very, very young (in which case I doubt you’d be reading this) here’s a bit about him.  My generation bows to you, Mr. Cohen.  See you again one day.

The New York Times

Leonard Cohen website

Rolling Stone







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