AEDM – 2016 – Day 12


How To Write

Put words in a metal box
Shake the box as hard and long as possible with the lid on
Listen to the words rattle against the inside of the box
Wearing off their hard edge
Don’t peek, writers are patient
Put the box on your desk
Chant a magic mantra over the box
Stare at the box
Open the box slowly
Beg the words to be friendly, to come out and play
Offer them whatever they want, agree to their terms
When they ignore you, get on Facebook
Check email
Blow dry your hair
Take the words out of the box
You’re bigger than they are, Be The Boss
Lay them out on the desk
Open your draft document
Look around the room
Check email again
Stare at your desk
Make mug brownies
Stop it! You can do this!
Type anything on the page
First, there was the bloody knife…
Listen to the words behind the laptop
Laughing like lunatics with revenge on their minds
Whispering “She’s fatter in person”
Open the Malbec you just bought
Listen to the sound of it as you pour it into the glass
Put the words back in the box

© jacqualine-marie 2016






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