AEDM – 2016 – Day 14

MODERN FAUX VINTAGE(whatever that is)


The finished piece for day 14 of Art Every Day Month.  Polymer clay focal.  Reminiscent of a pink scarab, faux wood finish.  Sits on a plate of textured brass which sits on a plate of textured copper.  Two fold formed copper leaves.  Four faceted glass beads – and a partridge in a pear tree – (OK, but it was funny). The chain is wriggly tendril type links. I’m into heat rivets these days and random patterns (always into those). I love the look of liver of sulfur so I’m keeping that along with the fire patina.  Looks wonderful on a sweater. All my work is original one-of-a-kind pieces, polished and waxed for protection. I’m a finish nerd.

Well – the major writing course I’ve been working on is over, a few final threads are hanging around in the cloud but no more writing for that one.  I must say, I’m going to miss it and will be doing it again next year. I might have come up with a bit of a good story – a thriller of sorts, or so someone said, and I might develop it. I said might twice because I’m just not sure, and because I still have the second writing project going.  Once that’s done, I’ll be gearing up to move into my new apartment – finally – will have all my art supplies, furniture, my wonderful Hotei collection, my books – my vintage phone from Argentina – in one place again.

Now I have to figure out what sort of art I’m doing for tomorrow.

Love, Love – don’t let the crazies get you down, they’re just bored.  You don’t have to be.

© jacqualine-marie 2016






2 thoughts on “AEDM – 2016 – Day 14

  1. Aww ha’ so now I get this piece I told you in the first stages of this piece in the photograph you posted it looked like a bug. I see it is a bug, scarab = beetle bug = self creation of rebirth, no wonder it sliced your finger you gave it life. Very creative, not my style but many of your pieces I love especially the leaves you make (Still saying fall broach here on the leaves). The Dream Catcher for our granddaughter was among one of many of my favorites it captured exactly what I wanted it too. Keep creating I see your vision.


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