AEDM – 2016 – Day 18



A Birth In The Garden – Or how I imagine it.  Every color waiting to celebrate.  Every blade of grass protecting the newborn. Even now with cold, breezy weather there is something growing somewhere. An idea.  An opportunity. A new romance.

Late start to the day, playing with photos, designing metal leaves, working on a story – thinking about of friend of mine, sad, in a funky mood for some time now. I want to tell her that no matter how deep the wound seems or how long its been causing pain there is always something of joy going on somewhere.  That’s what’s calling her.  If she didn’t here its voice, she wouldn’t be sad about what she’s missing. I want her to try a new perspective.  Stare at objects she sees every day and find something there she’s never noticed before. I’d like her to see the joy that exists in everything and realize her name is on all of it.  It’s just up to her to let it in.

 © jacqualine-marie 2016


* * *

"Try another way of looking
Try you looking and the whole universe seeing"
- Rumi


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