AEDM – 2016 Day 19

These are not my biscotti.  Mine were much worse…LOL

Life and its surprises…..I consider myself somewhat of an expert on rustic biscotti as I’ve been making them for probably 30 years or more, every holiday season for friends and one brother.  See this photo?  Trust me.  The one’s I made yesterday, that I thought would magically transform themselves overnight to something even remotely edible, were worse looking than the ones in this photo.  I rarely, rarely post photos on the blog that aren’t mine but I wouldn’t even photo mine.  Yuck.  We’re still gnawing on them. No one my age throws food away.  Actually, I think they’ll make a fine pie crust ground up and mixed with more butter…

I’m a perfectionist in the area of rustic biscotti, taught by my mother, still using her recipe with a tweak here and there when I want other flavors. I’ve always been successful.  I’ve made the standard (standard for my family) cranberry/walnut which always come out perfectly. But I’ve also made ginger/white chocolate and pistachio/white chocolate with orange rind.  I’m creative and the batter always agrees with my alterations.  This year, I decided to try a batch with a diet sweetener to accommodate my brother’s diabetes.  I still don’t know what I did wrong but they were awful.  Rethink brands.  Make another batch.  Get it right or feed the birds.

That was one of my creative endeavors for the day and I’m committed to posting something daily for AEDM.  (The other creative endeavor revolves around two pieces of jewelry I’m making, one as a gift, one as a test of a new technique…..can’t post surprises). I’ve tried a different brand of diabetic friendly sweetener.  The batter is in the fridge as I type this.  It needs to set for 3 hours before baking.  So far it seems successful.  I’ll keep you posted.

© jacqualine-marie 2016




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