AEDM – 2016 – Day 20



Day 20 is a conglomeration (an under used word in my opinion) of ideas.

Baking. Finishing baking the second batch of diet biscotti for my brother.  They seem to be doing well in the oven.  Won’t know, of course, until I eat them. The batter is definitely good.

Music.  Just purchased the Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 6, 17 & 21 CD, known to many as Elvira Madigan since the music was used in the 1967 film of the same name.  Love Mozart. Loved the film. Didn’t, however, love when the first CD arrived from Amazon, cracked on both sides due to poor packaging.  Complained, returned, repurchased and the new uncracked CD is waiting for me to listen to, which I’ll do tonight.  Have the LP in my storage in California and will be happy to see and here that again. The LP holds many great memories separate from the music.  A gift presented to me by an old lover, accompanied by a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild and a crystal decanter.  Don’t remember the year of the bottle.  Do remember the lover. That’s what matters.

Waiting for The Essential Leonard Cohen to arrive. That’s very exciting.

Jewelry.  Always learning a new skill or just practicing one.  Currently,  working on creating a better heat rivet, getting the balls closer and tighter to the metal, and making pin backs. Sometimes, the easy things are the challenge.


Working in metal, listening to great music, writing – something to appear soon – and playing in my sketch book with shapes and colors.

Delightfully occupied…staying out of trouble.

© jacqualine-marie 2016




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