me comic sans with bokeh frame
A BIT ABOUT ME:  Mixed media artist/writer, power walker, foodie, Reiki Master, iPhone freak and, as my Twitter bio states, “…good hair days are iffy”. It’s always about the hair if you have it and if you don’t then its about the hat.
This blog is about me, my jewelry adventures, my writing, and sometimes my photos.  Everyone has a blog these days.  I guess I’m no different.
Visit.  I’ll try to show up regularly although I’m not all that predictable, not really. Neither is the writing or the art.  The blog is a constant work in progress, as I am, although you’d think at this point I’d have something figured out.  I don’t.  None of us really do.  I’m not a fixed point in time.  Neither are you.  Life is fluid and incredibly interesting. Go with the flow and make love on the way.
I am truly bi-coastal – a Californian raised in New York and I’ve been hopping around for as long as I can remember.  Now I’m in Washington State.  But that’s it for now.  I wouldn’t say “Gypsy” but I do get itchy feet and when that happens I usually go on some sort of journey.  I’m a note taker, a Capricorn on the cusp.  The last decade was a mixed bag of odd things.    The next decade – well, who knows.  I just hope there actually is a next decade.  I live on the positive side as much as possible.  I hope you do also.  I have no idea what you’ll find here, but it will never be without hope or love.
Come find me on Twitter at @GreenNotHazel

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